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ArtScape 2018 Originals Exhibit, Art in the Halls at MSV
April 17th thru May 17th

Artscape Banners are going up soon.  Check out the originals!!

Additional ArtScape Banner info is below.  


Since 2009, the Shenandoah Arts Council (ShenArts) has partnered with the Old Town Development Board (OTDB) to create an outdoor gallery in the historic district of downtown Winchester, Virginia. Artists of all ages are invited to participate in this juried art competition. Selected works are reproduced on banners that hang on light posts throughout the downtown area from April through December. The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley provides support for this program as the host sponsor, displaying the original works of art in its Art in the Halls program.

The ArtScape Originals at MSV Art in the Halls exhibit will be open on April 17 thru May 17th.

For more information or questions, contact info@shenarts.org. 


Upcoming Events


Current Exhibit, Old Town Welcome Center:

  • Gary Bergel – March/April 2018 

Visit www.oldtownwinchesterva.com 

for additional details.


Upcoming Events, ShenArts:

  • Emerging Artists – Student Art Exhibition – March 30-31 and April 6-7, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Vision Board Event at ShenArts

The Create a Vision Board event at ShenArts on March 28 was a success! With all of the positive experiences, we’ll be holding another of these events soon! 

Vision Pic 2

A future of purpose is something we all must take time to work on and create with intention if we truly want to experience the self-growth toward achieving our goals and desires.  A vision board allows us to take the first step in acknowledging what is most important to us personally, professionally, etc.  And, it’s powerful!

A vision board gives you clarity and awareness. By going through this exercise, you may even realize that your goals were not matching up with your efforts. This has the potential to lift blocks to your success that you may have been unaware existed.




ArtScape 2018

ArtScape 2018 Banners and Sponsors

Pole Location Artist Title Sponsor Name  
1 Lauri Bridgeforth Rainbow Cayman Blooms Bridgeforth Photographics   Rainbow Cayman Blooms-Lauri Bridgeforth
2 Nina Burke The Artists Tools MarketPlace REALTY  The Artists Tools - Nina Burke
3 Gary Bergel Stain Cabinet Doors at VA Hospital Mover Dudes  Stain Cabinet Doors @ VA Center-Gary Bergel
5 Norma  Fredrickson Dance on Dappled Ground Shenandoah University  Dance on Dappled Ground-Norma Fredrickson
6 William Nordman Schroom Family Reunion White Spider, Inc.  Schroom Family Reunion-William Nordman
7 Olivia Truban Stability Bright Center  Stability-Olivia Truban
8 Esther Scott With A Cherry on Top Marion Park Lewis Foundation  With A Cherry On Top-Esther Scott
9 Lynn  Mocarski Maurer A Light Afternoon Musuem of the Shenandoah Valley OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
10 Ella Lawless Walkin’ & Squakin’ Wells Fargo  Walkin_ _ Squawkin_-Ella Lawless
11 Audrey Landers Phoenix Laughing Buddha Bodywork  Phoenix-Audrey Landers
12 Olivia Truban Exposed Signs & Designs   Exposed-Olivia Truban
13 Ann St. Clair Lesman Bois des Rêves Blue Ridge Hospice  Bois Des Reves- Ann St. Clair Lesman
14 Sarah Havah Theebaum Journey to the Tree of Life – Choices (2003)  TWG Insurance  

Choices, 12/23/14, 11:33 AM,  8C, 7746x9096 (5+612), 100%, Custom,  1/60 s, R42.2, G0.2, B12.8

15 Sally Myers Big Fish Musuem of the Shenandoah Valley  Big Fish-Sally Myers
16 Heather Scott Handley in Spring Scarpa Alta  Handley in Spring-Heather Scott
18 Kristin Camitta Zimet On the Hilltop Prosperity Financial  On the Hilltop-Kristen Camitta Zimet
19 Erik Michael Zimmerman Lake Holiday Sunset Anderson Roofing & Sheet Metal Works, Inc. Lake-Holiday-Sunset-Erik Michael Zimmerman
20 Wendy May Dance Virginia Commission for the Arts  Dance-Wendy May
21 Frances Coates Violets Musuem of the Shenandoah Valley  Violets-Frances Coates
23 Allison Salata The Heart of Dance Shenandoah University  The Heart of Dance-Allison Salata
25 Jean Mildner Anderson Hydrangea in Sunshine Corrigan Rug Cleaners  Hydrangea in Sunshine-Jean Mildner Anderson
26 Charlotte  Smith Ready to Ride Floors & More Desigbn Center  Ready to Ride-Charlotte Smith
27 Caleb Rouse SU Lights Up the Night Shenandoah University
28 Piers Chapin Blue Forest PRK Drilling & Blasting  Blue Forest-Piers Chapin
29 Felicia Gros Burst Full Circle Marketing  Burst-Felicia Gros
30 Alice Irvan Lightscape Earthworks Landscaping  Lightscape-Alice Irvan
31 Jack Cribbs Willie Perry Engineering  Willie-Jack Cribbs
32 Larry Fickau Diamond Girl Suzan D. Herskowitz, PLLC, Attorney at Law 2018 - "Diamond Girl"
33 Lauri Bridgeforth Family Time Jim Stutzman Chevorlet  Family Time-Lauri Bridgeforth
34 Dee Dee Volinsky Waiting for Spring Piccadilly’s Public House & Restaurant Waiting for Spring-Dee Dee Volinsky
35 John Zimet Peacock Feathers Tracy Johnston, MD, Center for Integrative Medicine Peacock Feathers-John Zimet
36 Chelsea Hurst 1327 Blue Peacock Antiques  1327-Chelsea Hurst
37 Dan Houston Harmony Winchester Precast  Harmony-Dan Houston
38 Bessie Solenberger Summer Blossoms Solenberger’s True Value Hardware  Summer Blossoms-Bessie Solenberger
39 Bonnie Flax Cow at Glen Burnie Musuem of the Shenandoah Valley
40 Don Black Winds of November Shenandoah University  Winds of November-Don Black
41 Julie Read Dive Bomber Water Street Design  DiveBomber-Julie Read

Shenandoah Arts Council and MSV Announce Partnership

ShenArts to Organize MSV Art in the Halls Displays and
Relocate Administrative Offices to the MSV’s Hexagon House

Winchester, VA (March 12, 2018) – Today the Shenandoah Arts Council (ShenArts) and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley (MSV) announced that the organizations have formed an affinity partnership to promote the work of regional artists.

As part of this collaboration, the ShenArts administrative offices will relocate to the MSV’s Hexagon House (530 Amherst Street) and ShenArts will organize displays—featuring the work of ShenArts members—for the Museum’s popular Art in the Halls program.

“The Shenandoah Arts Council has a 40-year history of providing support for artists and this will continue to be our mission,” said ShenArts Board President Anita Shull. “We’re excited to announce this collaboration with the MSV and are looking forward to the expanded opportunities and programs the partnership will offer ShenArts members.”

According to MSV Executive Director Dana Hand Evans, this partnership with ShenArts is a perfect fit for the MSV as both organizations are dedicated to promoting the arts in the Shenandoah Valley. “The MSV is pleased that this collaboration will provide exciting new shows for Art in the Halls and offer the MSV the opportunity to work with ShenArts and its members to provide new programming for the community.”

Shull notes that the new partnership with the Museum is the result of extensive research and planning conducted in 2017 by the Shenandoah Arts Council Board of Directors that was focused on evaluating the organization and determining how to create a sustainable future for ShenArts. The research, which included a SWOT analysis and a focus group of ShenArts artist members, determined that administrative changes were needed and that the current location of ShenArts was an obstacle to visitation. ShenArts named Ann Jarboe its arts administrator in October and has been working with the MSV to develop the framework for the affinity partnership throughout the winter.

Along with offering a venue that is open to the community six days a week to display the work of ShenArts members, the collaboration with the MSV provides ShenArts with rent-free office space, allowing the arts council to devote more resources towards expanding its programming schedule.

The first ShenArts-organized Art in the Halls display will open at the MSV on April 17. ArtScape Orginals will present more than 35 works created by regional artists and selected to be reproduced on banners for Winchester’s outdoor ArtScape program in 2018. Museum admission is not required to visit Art in the Halls displays. Located at 901 Amherst Street, the MSV is open Tuesday through Sunday.

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