array(17) { ["admins"]=> int(1442) ["per_product_shipping"]=> string(3) "yes" ["commission_type"]=> string(10) "percentage" ["term_id"]=> int(91) ["name"]=> string(10) "David Sipp" ["slug"]=> string(10) "david-sipp" ["term_group"]=> int(0) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> int(91) ["taxonomy"]=> string(20) "wcpv_product_vendors" ["description"]=> string(0) "" ["parent"]=> int(0) ["count"]=> int(2) ["logo"]=> string(0) "" ["profile"]=> string(2566) "My wife Lisa and I moved to Winchester in February 2018 from Northern New Mexico. When I retired in 2000, we decided to return to Northern New Mexico where we met 47 years ago on the Hog Farm commune. Think psychedelic buses and Woodstock and you get the picture. Today the area is known as the High Road to Taos and it’s filled with artists and creative people from all over the world. We lived in an old adobe house hand built in 1888 and reconnected with old friends. I was invited to a drawing group and began in earnest to explore my creative vision and develop my artistic voice. I lived for several years in England during the early eighties and visited the great museums of Europe. I was especially drawn to van Gogh and his work. His love of ordinary people and places transformed what others considered uninteresting into lasting images of beauty and passion. I bring that same desire to share my impressions of everyday life and create images that encourage and inspire. When I begin a work, the intensity of my focus causes me to forget time and I substitute texture for logic and color for expression. My intention is to create impressionist art for the soul. In my vision I see every place and moment as a canvas.   " ["email"]=> string(41) "," ["paypal"]=> string(18) "" ["timezone"]=> string(5) "UTC-5" } bool(false) David Sipp Archives - Shenandoah Arts Council